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Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us


Name: Glenda Belcourt 
Event Type: Wedding

Rate Us: 5/5 
Would you Recommend? Yes

Blue Sage catered our wedding this past weekend and the food and service was great! Would highly recommend-we had 65 guests and all were impressed with the quality of food, freshness and portions. Thanks for making our wedding even more perfect!


Name: Liane Fuller 
Company: Pearl Rose Construction 
Event Type: Team Training Session

Rate Us: 4/5 
Would you Recommend? Yes

This worked out very well for a management/supervisor team training session delivered by a consultant at our head office location. 
The hot lunch was brought in, set up, we ate, and then got back into our session, Blue Sage followed up with cleanup and it worked very slick, "no fuss, no muss".

Name: Lue Charles 
Company: Altalink 
Event Type: Corporate Lunch

Rate Us: 5/5 
Would you Recommend? Yes

Blue Sage has an excellent choice of menu and are quite accommodating when it comes to menu selection and the team goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. Definitely would recommend their services. Thanks Corinna

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