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Corporate Catering

From our kitchen to your boardroom... the food will always be delightful

Are you fed up with the "fast food" style food you get served at your corporate events, meetings and functions? Blue Sage Catering offers a 98% from scratch menu prepared by our master Chef that will make you realize there is more to life than that soggy sandwich!

From freshly prepared Italian lasagna and Greek style roasted chicken, to a simple home-made soup and an assortment of wraps and our famous bunwiches, you will be blown away by the fresh, tasty offerings that our Chef prepares.


  • Breakfasts from $10.50/person
  • Luncheons from $13.50/person
  • Dinner Buffets from $22/person
      OPTIONS of
  • Cater-out service
  • Drop off and pick up
  • Full Service


*If you don't see something on our menu we always have options available for your taste and budget. 

**It is highly recommended that as soon as you know the date of your event you book your day and time.  Your menu can be confirmed after you know the date is available for you.

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